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We spend our lives fighting with our bodies; wasting so much energy. What would life be like if we stopped fighting? What would life be like if we started loving and listening to our bodies?


Let me guide you to the greatness and radical self-love that comes with caring for your body.

You deserve your most honest, loving, and powerful life!

"Honey's wonderful & warm demeanor gave me the space to open up. She creates a sense of safety at every turn. Honey's work has opened me up to feeling strong, and ready keep moving through this wild world with a sense of confidence. My body and I trust each other now."
"I appreciated listening to other folks in the group share memories of their bodies and the ways they have been body shamed.
I felt isolated in my experience and sharing my story helped to heal the feeling of isolation."

Are you ready to get acquainted with your body and the power it holds? My workshops are for you! Through movement prompts, discussion and journaling, we'll move past shame, trauma, and body terrorism together.

These workshops are open to anyone, regardless of movement ability or experience.

Are you ready for your truest, most powerful self? Your body knows and listening will change your life! We've been socialized to ignore our bodies; those gut feelings, that join pain, churning stomach, don't worry it's just nerves. If you're ready for a trusting relationship with your body this work is for you!

Our bodies show up to work and get shit done every day. When was the last time you thought about how your body reacted during a meeting, or a difficult conversation? Body awareness and radical self-care will help you work through tough decisions, stress, burnout, and emotional moments at work in a productive way.

Radical self-love is for you!

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