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1 on 1 Guided Work

You deserve to love yourself fully and radically! As a survivor of body trauma, I want to provide you with the space to heal. As we work together, I'll help you become more in tune with how your body processes shame, trauma, and fear. This relationship between you and your body deserves to be centered in your healing and doing that work alone is long, difficult, and scary.


I will be there for every moment of hesitation, struggle, and celebration!


I know the experience of pain, abuse, and neglect our bodies can experience at the hands of the medical and diet industry.  No matter your level of awareness, you can repair the relationship with your body to unlock your true strength and potential. 

My job is to create a space where you're free from fear of rejection, and can access vulnerability. Your personal, familial, and work relationships will flourish! The ability to advocate for yourself opens up space for you to advocate for others and shape the world you live in.

Together we will explore... 

  • Parts of you that hide in fear

  • Where your body needs to heal

  • Where shame and trauma live in your body

  • What your body needs to heal

  • How to release your shame and fear

  • What you need to unlock radical self-love and confidence

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