Are you ready to find your true, and pure joy as a powerful queer body? If the answer is yes, than this series is for you! Queer bodies are incredibly resilient, but that comes with so much shame, trauma, and fear.

This is your time to get into your body and excavate those sources of resiliency and release them to make room for joy.  Join Honey for four weeks of movement, journaling, and discussion to discover our true, bold, and unapologetic joy hidden deep within our bodies! 


During our time together each week, we'll discuss how joy, shame, fear, and trauma show up in our bodies. We'll get you on the path to healing your relationship with your body so you an live in your most powerful, authentic, and unapologetically queer self!


Workshop begins Saturday, April 17th at 2pm - 4pm PST/5pm-7pm EST and continues every Saturday through May 8th. 

Body Stories: Finding Your Joy in Movement