"This work has allowed me to show up to meetings confident, attentive, and aware of my emotional reactions to difficult questions and conversations." Christine

Body Awareness and Radical Self-Love at Work

Show your team you truly care about them.

Offer them the space to care for their bodies at work.

Workforce culture is changing and it needs to. Employers are at a turning point and they have two choices; allow their employees to tend to their needs during their shifts or force folks to ignore their bodies with the consequence of burn-out, reactionary behavior, and illness.

Organizations are finally starting to acknowledge the effects of mental and emotional health on an employees' attitude, productivity, and commitment to their job. Offering your employees raises, amenities, and benefits are band-aids on a much bigger problem. 

People are burnt-out, uncertain, scared, lonely, and over-worked, regardless of the number of hours or nature of their work. The inability to clear minds and reset bodies during the workday is oppressive. If you're ready to really show your team that you care about their well-being, this is the program for you!

I will provide your team with the tools to:

  • Find the stress and anxiety in their bodies

  • How to move through and release stress and anxiety 

  • Listen to how their bodies respond to challenges and conflict at work.

  • How to embody confidence, trust, and radical candor with their co-workers.

Offering this work to your employees is how you earn their full trust, show them you care, and prove your support of their growth. Capitalism tells us there is not enough time or resources for this kind of support at work and that is simply false. The more you invest in everyone's wellbeing at work, you will see a shift in commitment to the organization. Your team will show up truly engaged and passionate about the quality of their work. They will be honest and authentic, fostering a working relationship that is healthy and ideal for everyone.

Your team will thank you, so what are you waiting for?!

Let's talk about what your team needs!

My team deserves Radical Self-Love!

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"Honey's workshop provided me and my team with the tools to approach each challenge with awareness and compassion for each other. We work better as a team and are more confident in our work!"  Rita